Web3 Development
UniFi Group has 2 blockchain development business units with a total of more than 150 employees. We develop from scratch of any complexity, or we can supply a white-label solution and configure it for the needs of your infrastructure
Custodial\non-custodial wallet
  • Address generation
  • Storage develop (hot and cold wallet) for custodial
  • Funds Acceptance \ Withdrawal
  • Blockchain Support: Bitcoin, ALGO, Binance, BCH, BSV, Cardano, Cosmos, Dash, Doge, Eth, Etc, Lisk, LTC, Monero, Nano, Nem, Ont, Dot, Qtum, Ripple, Tezos, Theta, Tron, VeChain, Waves, ZCash, POA, Icon, Stellar, Thunder, TomoChain
Exchangers, DEX \ CEX
  • Exchanger through DEX\CEX
  • Solid exchange services with liquidity
  • Customizable pairs to exchange
  • Admin panel, transaction statistics
  • Bridge
  • Tokenized fund developing built on smart contracts
  • Creating a Fund token
  • Flexible fund's commission setting
NFT Marketplace
  • Blockchain support: ETH, BSC, AVAX, Polygon, Moonbeam, and other EVM networks
  • Multiple purchasing options
  • Auctions
  • Connecting wallets: Metamask, Coinbase, Wallet Connect
  • NFT catalog with filters, sorting, pagination and stats
  • Extended User Profile
  • Social integration - profile and NFT following, likes, favorites
  • Profile extended history
  • Bi- or multi-directional token transfer between EVM networks
  • Smart contract for each network, relayers, escrow etc
  • Coin exchange (Uniswap, Pancakeswap)
  • Customizable pairs
  • Smart contract for exchange ecosystem
Staking, Farming
  • Smart contract for farming, staking
  • Custom page with possible pairs for farming and coins for staking
Crypto Processing (including fiat)
  • Store establishment
  • Selection of accepted currencies: (ex: BTC, ETH, BSC, USDT, LTC, DAI, XMR, WAVES etc.)
  • Address generation for the buyer
  • Accepting funds and withdrawing funds
  • Customizable commissions
  • Fiat Support: Stripe, Moonpay
GameFi Core
  • Creating a cabinet for conducting IGO
  • Admin panel for creating projects, viewing analytics and statistics
  • Writing smart contracts for IGO
Custom Development
  • Build anything you need
Project Planning Stage
Project Execution Stage
Controlling & Monitoring
How long will it take?
Web3 Development
On demand
UniFi adheres to the establishment of long-term partnerships yielding tangible value and will consider renumeration in the form of native project digital assets
Pay up to 20% of the order with your project’s digital assets