Listing Assistance
Starting with the listing of our own projects at different times and on different blockchains, we continued to share our expertise and contacts to assist our clients in coping with the increasing demands and complexity of listing procedures
Ultimate Class Development Support of single-off and multi-listings of any complexity, on any blockchain
Direct pitches to DEX teams
Direct introduction to CEX teams (Binance, Kucoin, MEXC,, etc.)
Direct introduction to DEX teams (PancakeSwap, Pangolin, Trader Joe, etc.)
Assistance in meeting the basic requirements for the Market Making service
We plan the listing and market making activities schedules to align with the marketing campaign and other project events
Direct pitches to CEX teams
Introductions to market making team
Listing organizational assistance
Claiming dashboard (for public and private investors) development
Technical support of the listing process
Development of token and vesting smart contracts
Listing technical assistance
Workflow artifacts for the package:
Market Making Schedule
Direct contacts with suitable DEXes, CEXes, Market Making providers
Token smart contract
Vesting smart contract
Claiming dashboard application with custom design
Project Planning Stage
Project Execution Stage
Controlling & Monitoring
How long will it take?
$ 8 500
pre-paid 75%
Advisory Package
Suitable for listing a small project on Tier-3 launchpads with simple market making schemes
20 hours
2-3 weeks
$ 15 000
pre-paid 75%
Advisory Package
Suitable for listing of medium-sized budget projects on Tier-2 and Tier-3 launchpads
40 hours
3-4 weeks
$ 25 000
pre-paid 50%
Support per Month
Suitable if the listing process and all negotiations are fully covered by UniFi Group
80+ hours
1 month
UniFi adheres to the establishment of long-term partnerships yielding tangible value and will consider renumeration in the form of native project digital assets
Pay up to 20% of the order with your project’s digital assets
The framework of General Advising services includes the following services provided by highly qualified specialists in their respective areas of expertise:
The service is provided in the form of consulting hours packages and can be used with other services within the paid package at the Customer’s discretion
Specialists on the project:
Related services:
Business Development
Market Making
WEB3 Development