Token Utility Review and Development
Create and Approve a List of Token Utility Scenarios.
Merge Token Utility Development into a Sustainable Cycle. Our in-depth expertise in Fintech results in offering solutions that can give access to a global market, reduce instability and open new horizons
Justification stress-test for each token utility and token\DeFi features within the given business model
Detailed review for each P2E feature claimed by project owners (applicable for GameFi projects or web3 products with P2E features)
The certain DeFi features application justification. Such as Staking, internal Farming Pools, built-in Swap features etc.
Assistance with blockchain and web development required on the project to support given utilities and scenarios
The approach will be presented in the form of a holistic concept diagram broken down into separate scenarios with maximum detailing and a description of all entities and actors with the rules for their interaction and all associated attributes
*Artifacts are provided within $10 000+ total order or for an additional fee
Workflow artifacts for the package:
workflow process example
Core Utilization Cycle Scheme
Additional Utilization Scenarios connected with Core Cycle
Described Cycle Actors
Preliminary Development Scope
Development Estimation*
Technical Requirements Document*
Project Planning Stage
Project Execution Stage
Controlling & Monitoring
How long will it take?
$ 500
Pre-paid 1st Hour
Weekly payments after
If you have an urgent or certain question to assist, that does not require a full package, you can use the express consultation service with hourly payment. Just fill out the form and schedule a call
$ 8 500
pre-paid 75%
Advisory Package
Usually, an average project at an early stage, which has a core team and an understanding of the basic revenue stream, needs 20 hours for the concept scheme to be worked out and a detailed scheme for implementing the MVP to be drawn. This is enough to prepare the documentation for fundraising and develop technical requirements
20 hours
2-3 weeks
$ 15 000
pre-paid 75%
Advisory Package
Sufficient for development of the concept scheme and a detailed calculation of the project economy
40 hours
3-4 weeks
$ 25 000
pre-paid 50%
Support per Month
Required if there are several Core utility scenarios and complex processes for additional mechanics, for example, a DEX with a set of DeFi features associated with gamification mechanics
80+ hours
1 month
UniFi adheres to the establishment of long-term partnerships yielding tangible value and will consider renumeration in the form of native project digital assets
Pay up to 20% of the order with your project’s digital assets
The framework of General Advising services includes the following services provided by highly qualified specialists in their respective areas of expertise:
The service is provided in the form of consulting hours packages and can be used with other services within the paid package at the Customer’s discretion
Specialists on the project:
Related services:
Gamification developers
Game designers
Tokenomic models and economic modeling
Business analysis